Villa Potôň

If your are searching for romance or some relaxation maybe you are traveling for business don't look any further because in Villa Potôň you will find it. 

About us 

Choose our newly opened Villa. About our guests comfort and satisfaction our stuff will take care. Our main goal that our costumers leave satisfied. 

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Make your team stronger today


Everyone deserves the most beautiful venue to celebrate such a special day


Celebrate your YES with us at the Villa

Company events:

We will take care about the professionalism you take care about he fun

Opening hours:


08:00 - 22:00


08:00 - 22:00


08:00 - 22:00


08:00 - 22:00


08:00 - 24:00


08:00 - 24:00


08:00 - 22:00

Our rooms:


If you long for a romantic weekend getaway, or just want to sleep in the same bed as your partner this room is for you. 

Room with one french bed:

You want to spend your vacation time with your baby? Don't worry we got a solution also for that

Room with one french bed and a baby crib:

You arrive with a friend and don't want to share your bed? No worries we can make it happen

Room with two single bed:

Maybe you come as a family with an older child, maybe there are more people in your party, no problem we'll take care of it.

Room with two single bed and a plus bed :


Nátierka so sezónnej zeleniny a tortilla

Szezonális zöldségkrém, tortilla

Seasonal vegetable cream with tortilla

Slepačia poleivka s cestovinami

Tyúkhúsleves, zöldség és cérnametélt

Chicken noodle soup with vegetables

Grilovaný losos a bulgur risotto

Grillezett lazac bulgur rizottóval 

Grilled salmon with bulgur risotto 

BBQ bravčové pečené rebra, koleslaw šalát

BBQ sertésborda és koleslaw saláta

BBQ pork ribs with coleslaw salad

Pikantné tagliatella z hovädzímy kúskamy

Tagliatelle pasta with mildly spicy beef tenderlion strips

Tagliatelle pikáns marhabélszín csíkokkal

Steak z kuracích pŕs, hranolky, hnedá omáčka z mäsového výpeku

Csirke steak, hasábburgonya és barnamártás

Chicken steak with french fries and brown sauce on top

Get in contact with us:

Benkova Potôň, 930 36 Horná Potôň

0907 808 083

@Villa Potôň 2023